Pastor McGee of Redeemer PCA - Church Planter of Grace and Peace

Pastor McGee of Redeemer PCA – Church Planter of Grace and Peace


Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church started as a vision and call to “Go out into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Pastor Bryant McGee of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in McKinney, Texas took hold of this vision and call by drawing together a church-planting team! As a result, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church became a daughter church plant of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

Through the dedication of Pastor McGee; through the support of the Southwest Church Planting Network; through the prayers of many; through Redeemer Presbyterian Church; and last, but not least, through all the people who gave of their time – Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church became a reality!

A parish group of Redeemer Presbyterian started out gathering at a couple of our members’ homes. Both Greg & Theresa Reynolds and Robert & Leandra Williams graciously opened their homes to us for Bible study and fellowship on Sunday nights. These days were the very beginnings of Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church.

Finally, in 2010, Grace and Peace officially began. As we gathered and talked over plans to make the church more visible to the public, our first stop was in Van Alstyne, Texas. Van Alstyne sits on the southern border of Grayson County. Our vision as a church was to be accessible to northern Collin County and southern Grayson County. We began regular services in the Van Alstyne Community Center on Sunday nights.

First Public Meeting Location.

First Public Meeting Location.

While we were in Van Alstyne, we became a part of the Ministerial Alliance. Working together with the local churches gave us a hands-on approach to let people know we were here to serve others – to show the Gospel Message not just tell it.

After we left the community center in Van Alstyne, we moved just a few miles south, landing in Anna, Texas.

Anna is a small but quickly growing town in northern Collin County. God blessed us tremendously in finding a local elementary school that would allow us to come in and hold our services there.  We kept our same service time we had at the Van Alstyne location, which was on Sunday nights.

In February the following year, Reverend Matt Wood began to teach at Grace and Peace Presbyterian which allowed us to switch from Sunday nights to Sunday morning services. Rev. Wood has been with Grace and Peace for five years. Grace and Peace has a new location but not a new call. We are still reaching out to those in need in the surrounding communities and showing the gospel not just telling it. Here are some highlights:

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